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"Oh… There you are… Hi… I'm ready to show you around this sizzling erotic website… Spoofing well known celebrities, cartoons and shows, this artist brings you a dazzling array of erotic art with a touch of humor sure to amuse you. In the art galleries are a collection of famous people, from TV and movies, even cartoon shows you watched as a child. This site is filled with hot babes doing things you've always wished they'd do with you. These spoofs are of the highest quality. The art galleries have a wide variety of erotic pictures done in this amazing art style. From celebrity spoofs to SciFi and beyond this artist has something for everyone. Gulps… Y-Yes… I suppose you can put your hand down there…

Let me tell you more about this site… These pictures are drawn in finest spoof but you know whose who. You've always wanted to see Dianna Troy of Star Trek with her legs spread showing her dripping sexspot with an inviting air. Dana Scully never looked hotter with huge breasts and hard nipples. In the celebrity spoofs, these pictures are filled with humor and lust. moans softly… That really does feel good… In adult comics, this artist provides a look at TV like nothing you ever expected or maybe even imagined. These hot babes are begging for huge male thingies in these erotic pictures. Follow the adventures of Slutty the Vampire Layer as she takes on the denizens of darkness in a whole new way. Pena the Amazon Queen takes her companion Barbie on adventures sure to keep you coming back for more. These sex comics are filled with erotica as well as a touch of humor. shivers… I hope you liked the sample of this hot website… I have to go now but I'm sure to see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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